Our Own Bio Farm

Slovak Pub is unique for having its own bio farm. Our chefs prepare fresh delicacies from original farm products on daily basis. In addition to that, our farmers also bake homemade bread and cakes from scratch by grandmother's recipes. All their products are available at SLovak Pub, or you can journey to our farm just 25 kilometres from Bratislava.

Custom brewery

Slovak Pub is one of a very few taverns in Slovakia with its own keg room situated in the brick cellar in the basement. Keg beer is stored in the 8°C temperature conditions. After that, the beer is just slightly cooled. The keg room is a reason of high quality of our beer, that's why we keep it secret. moreover, the beer doesn't come to contact with the oxygen, which prevents its weathering. This has a positive effect on quality and mettle.

1. Slovak pub bude najneskôr od augusta 2020 používať výhradne vajcia pochádzajúce z bezklietkových chovov. Tento záväzok sa týka celých vajec, tekutých ako aj sušených vajec, a prísadových vajec vo výrobkoch vlastných značiek, pričom sa vzťahuje na všetky vlastné ako aj licencované prevádzky. Tento záväzok bude zároveň zverejnený na webových stránkach 1. Slovak pubu.


Slovak Pub is not only the largest bar in Bratislava, but also one of the most popular. It's the most favorite place to hang out for slovak youth while remaining a tourist phenomenon. If you're looking for something casual with friendly atmosphere in the heart of Bratislava, you're in the right place. You can visit for just few beers with friends, or treat yourself with traditional slovak cuisine. In summer, the terrace is also available. Slovak Pub is also an attraction for students to hangout with their classmates.

The bar is divided into eleven rooms, each tuned into different era of Slovak history.
For example, one room is an original 150 years old wooden cottage.
We won't tell you the rest, come to see them for yourself.

Traditional Slovak dishes at reasonable prices are prepared every day.

We offer fresh & traditional Slovak meals and drinks.

Book a table or room directly in person, or by phone at +421 917 629 221.